Green Investing

Green investing focuses on companies involved in the exploration and production of clean and alternative energy resources. Popular industries and sectors in this category include solar energy, renewable energy and energy storage devices.

Professional Motifs

Each professionally built motif is carefully built and weighted to thematic exposure.
Battery Charged

Battery Charged

11.1% 1 MO RTN
Will consumer demand push this sector ahead for more growth?
Smart Grid

Smart Grid

7.0% 1 MO RTN
Energy efficiency is academic. The big brains involved in building the smart grid are generating plenty of buzz.
Cleantech Everywhere

Cleantech Everywhere

5.1% 1 MO RTN
The world is gaga for all things green, and eager for new technologies to help us shrink our carbon footprint.
Fossil Free

Fossil Free

4.3% 1 MO RTN
Investors who support a move away from traditional energy sources may find these “green” stocks attractive.
Climate Change

Climate Change

4.0% 1 MO RTN
If you can’t stand the heat – you might consider investing in companies working to cool the planet.
Water Shortage

Water Shortage

3.7% 1 MO RTN
Companies trying to keep the world’s fresh-water supply on pace with increasing demand could make a splash.
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Our thoughts on Green Investing

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