The Hershey Company - HSY (NYSE)

2.14 (-1.95%)
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Hershey's manufactures, markets and distributes chocolate, gum, mint and other confectionery and refreshment products

Key Financials

Day Range:107.61 - 110.00
52 Week Range:89.10 - 115.82
Market Cap:22.63B
P/E Ratio:22.30
Div Yield:2.68
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Professional Motifs with HSY
Rising Food Prices
Rising Food Prices 7.7% 1 YR RTN The supermarket is gobbling up more of our budgets than ever. Companies that keep us fed are feeling quite satisfied.
Junk Foods
Junk Foods 8.0% 1 YR RTN The formula of cheap, quick, and tasty is winning the hearts and stomachs of today’s eaters.
No Glass Ceilings
No Glass Ceilings 3.0% 1 YR RTN Women CEOs are busting through barriers to lead big brands. And leaving the good old boys to eat their dust.
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Community Motifs with HSY
Candy and Chocolates
Candy and Chocolates 6.3% 1 YR RTN
Candy Crusher
Candy Crusher 11.5% 1 YR RTN
Addicted to Cravings
Addicted to Cravings 2.9% 1 YR RTN
Tax Reform 17
Tax Reform 17 5.6% 1 YR RTN
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