Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. - FDP (NYSE)

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Fresh Del Monte is an integrated producer of fresh and prepared fruits, vegetables, juices and snacks

Key Financials

Day Range:29.63 - 30.22
52 Week Range:26.81 - 52.43
Market Cap:1.46B
P/E Ratio:200.70
Div Yield:1.99
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Professional Motifs with FDP
Healthy and Tasty
Healthy and Tasty 23.8% 1 YR RTN Many Americans are back on a health-food kick, but now taste is definitely on the menu.
Tax Inversion Targets
Tax Inversion Targets 6.6% 1 YR RTN Companies in low-tax locales could be takeover targets for US firms looking to lessen their annual bite.
Rising Food Prices
Rising Food Prices 10.9% 1 YR RTN The supermarket is gobbling up more of our budgets than ever. Companies that keep us fed are feeling quite satisfied.
GARP 10.7% 1 YR RTN Healthy growth. Low PEG ratios. The world according to Growth At a Reasonable Price can be a beautiful place.
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Community Motifs with FDP
Vegan Nirvana
Vegan Nirvana -- 1 YR RTN
Food Providers
Food Providers 9.7% 1 YR RTN
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