Biogen Inc. - BIIB (NASDAQ-GS)

7.12 (2.15%)
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Biogen Idec develops and markets therapeutics for neurological disorders, multiple sclerosis and Crohn's disease

Key Financials

Day Range:328.93 - 337.97
52 Week Range:249.17 - 388.67
Market Cap:68.01B
P/E Ratio:21.50
Div Yield:--
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Biotech Breakthroughs
Biotech Breakthroughs 2.1% 1 YR RTN Biotech firms are breathing new life into hope for cures for complex diseases like cancer, arthritis and AIDS.
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Protif, Biotechnology
Protif, Biotechnology 1.0% 1 YR RTN
Sequencing & Diagnostics
Sequencing & Diagnostics 10.7% 1 YR RTN
My Health
My Health 0.2% 1 YR RTN
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