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Baidu is China's leading Internet search engine and online advertising network

Key Financials

Day Range:96.33 - 99.12
52 Week Range:82.00 - 186.22
Market Cap:33.77B
P/E Ratio:60.50
Div Yield:--
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Motif Thematic Portfolios with BIDU
China Internet
China Internet 13.6% 1 YR RTN Great Wall? Meh. What’s really been great is the internet market. China is the world’s largest, with room to grow.
BRICS Building
BRICS Building 24.8% 1 YR RTN BRICS countries are big. And local companies are taking advantage of that size to lay a solid foundation.
Asian Fusion
Asian Fusion 24.1% 1 YR RTN Asia is seeing a boost from robust domestic demand, a low-cost labor pool and stimulus plans.
Online Video
Online Video 0.1% 1 YR RTN Thinking of cutting the cord? Online video and internet streaming may be the new way to go.
Onward Online Ads
Onward Online Ads 7.7% 1 YR RTN And now, a word from our sponsor: online advertising may soon be the second largest source of ad revenues, after TV.
AI: Artificial Intelligence
AI: Artificial Intelligence 0.9% 1 YR RTN AI technology helps companies improve efficiency and make consistent decisions.
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