Alibaba Group Holding LTD - BABA (NASDAQ-CM)

2.69 (1.47%)
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Alibaba provides Internet infrastructure, e-commerce, online financial, and Internet content services through its subsidiaries

Key Financials

Day Range:183.71 - 185.60
52 Week Range:129.77 - 195.72
Market Cap:482.94B
P/E Ratio:22.20
Div Yield:--
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Lots of Likes
Lots of Likes 17.5% 1 YR RTN Facebook “likes” aren’t just for fun, and this vital part of brand-building may be an indicator of things to come.
China Internet
China Internet 4.8% 1 YR RTN Great Wall? Meh. What’s really been great is the internet market. China is the world’s largest, with room to grow.
Couch Commerce
Couch Commerce 11.0% 1 YR RTN The more we can do online, from the comfort of our own couch, the happier we are. It may be worth getting out of bed for.
Asian Fusion
Asian Fusion 1.4% 1 YR RTN Asia is seeing a boost from robust domestic demand, a low-cost labor pool and stimulus plans.
Emerging Markets Consumer
Emerging Markets Consumer 12.7% 1 YR RTN Companies catering to a growing middle class in developing countries could see their stocks on the upswing.
BRICS Building
BRICS Building 1.5% 1 YR RTN BRICS countries are big. And local companies are taking advantage of that size to lay a solid foundation.
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