How we build our thematic portfolios

We analyze data to uncover important trends driving the economy. Then we create dynamic portfolios of companies with exposure to these trends so that you can easily invest in them.

  • Identify a trend

    First, we sift through terabytes of data to uncover important trends impacting the economy.

  • Analyze data sets

    Next, we use our advanced algorithms to find companies that are exposed to the drivers of these trends.

  • Construct Portfolios

    Then we apply a systematic, rules-based methodology to select companies for each thematic portfolio.

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Our investment products are built for performance

See the returns of our most popular thematic portfolios with a five-year track record

5-Year Performance: Digital Dollars

  • Digital Dollars
  • XLF
  • S&P 500
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Our 20 most popular thematic portfolios with at least a 5-year track record are included
What are the most popular Motif Thematic Portfolios?
Online Gaming, Robotics Revolution and Digital Dollars are our most widely held portfolios.

Our catalog offers a broad range of portfolios

Whether you’re looking for a portfolio built around themes,
investing styles or multi-asset models, we have a solution for you.

  • Thematic Portfolios

    From artificial intelligence to human evolution, we offer unique ideas that you won't find on any other platform.

  • Investing strategies

    From our Ivy League model to a 7Twelve® Core Portfolio strategy and more, we can help you emulate great investors.

  • Multi-asset models

    From our target-date models to our award-winning Motif Impact Portfolios, we offer a broad range of wealth solutions.

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