What is the Next Wave of Innovation?
From the steam engine to the internet, innovation moves in waves. Led by the technology revolution, the Next Wave of Innovation is officially here.

Invest in the
Next Wave of Innovation

Together with Goldman Sachs, we've launched five Next Wave of Innovation ETFs: Data Driven World (GDAT), Finance Reimagined (GFIN), Human Evolution (GDNA), Manufacturing Revolution (GMAN), and New Age Consumer (GBUY).

Now, you can invest in all five ETFs with our Next Wave of Innovation portfolio that invests in innovations like artificial intelligence, genomics, blockchain and more. View Portfolio

25 transformational innovations in 1 portfolio

Our Next Wave of Innovation portfolio gives exposure to 25 innovations like artificial intelligence, precision medicine, blockchain, consumption trends of digital natives, 3D printing and more.
Learn more about the Goldman Sachs Motif ETFs that underpin our new portfolio.