Human Led, Data Driven


Motif Capital has worked to identify companies that are creators and adopters of the transformational innovations that are leading the Next Wave of Innovation. Motif has built indexes to invest in these companies that reach across a range of sectors, market caps and geographies.

Index Performance

Data-Driven World

Invest in the proliferation of data and its impact on the lifecycle of data delivery and processing, including innovations like artificial intelligence, big data, cybersecurity, internet of things, and data infrastructure.

Finance Reimagined

Invest in the the on-going structural changes in the support and delivery of financial services, including technologies like the digitization of finance, blockchain, and the rise of passive investing.

Index Performance

Index Performance

Human Evolution

Invest in the development of new knowledge, medicines and technologies for the treatment of the human condition including innovations like precision medicine, robotic surgery, genomics, digital health, and life extension.

Manufacturing Revolution

Invest in transformations driving the factories of the future including the use of new materials and energy sources to supply the manufacturing process and innovations like robotics, 3D printing, renewable energy, drones, and future mobility.

Index Performance

Index Performance

New Age Consumer

Invest in the consumer preferences of digital natives and their evolving tech-enabled lifestyle including eCommerce, the evolution of education, experiences over goods, health and wellness, social media, online video and music and online gaming.

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