How is a direct index portfolio different?
With a direct index portfolio, like the Motif 500, you own the underlying stocks. And with our patented fractional share technology it's more accessible than ever.

What you see is what you own

Invest in the top 500 large-cap companies for free with our new direct index portfolio, the Motif 500. Unlike an ETF or mutual fund, you own the underlying stocks, which means you can easily adjust your portfolio to meet your investing goals.

  • Invest in the Motif 500 for free

    You won't pay commissions or management fees when you invest in the Motif 500. If you customize, a fee applies*.

  • Own 500+ stocks with as little as $10k

    With our patented fractional share technology, you can own 0.0001 shares making direct indexing more accessible.

  • Customize to meet your goals

    Remove a company that doesn’t align with your values or reduce the portfolio weights of over-exposed sectors.

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What does the
Motif 500 measure?

The index is designed to measure the market performance of U.S. stocks trading on U.S. exchanges. The index captures the performance of the top 500 largest market cap companies and is weighted by a float-adjusted market cap.

Tilt the Motif 500 to a strategy that works for you

You can easily adjust your Motif 500 portfolio by choosing a ‘Tilt’ that matches your portfolio goal when opening a new Direct Index account. Now you can choose between four tilts to bring factor-based or value-based investing into your portfolio for a 0.15% annual licensing fee.

  • Value

    For bargain hunters, this tilt screens for the most undervalued stocks based on their price-to-book ratio

  • Low Volatility

    For those keen to avoid market turbulence, this tilt finds the stocks with the lowest price fluctuations from its last annual rebalance.

  • Momentum

    For those looking to 'buy high, sell higher', or capture the stocks that have generated the highest returns from its last annual rebalance.

  • Sustainability

    For those looking to invest in companies that score the highest Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ratings according to MSCI

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The direct index advantage

  • Tax Efficiency

    Access tax-loss harvesting, the opportunity to sell your portfolio holdings at the individual stock level.

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  • Low-Cost

    Get U.S. market exposure free, with the option to adjust your holdings and customize your portfolio.

  • Customization

    Customize and adjust the individual holdings in your direct-index portfolio to meet your investing goals.

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