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Transporting America


On The Road Again

America’s transportation companies are moving again – literally. The Freight Transportation Services Index is now nearly 20.5% above its April 2009 recession low, and the level of freight shipments in July 2013 measured by the Freight TSI was the second highest all-time level. The surge was driven by increases in rail intermodal and inland water shipments, with small increases in trucking and rail carloads.[1] The increased supply has also lowered energy prices, fueling margin expansion for transport firms. In addition, continued consolidation among airline operators – to the point where just three airlines will carry more than half the country’s market share this year -- has resulted in cost savings and greater pricing power.[2] This motif comprises stocks of railroad, trucking, airlines and services companies that have an opportunity for higher revenue and margin expansion from a continued US economic recovery and energy boom. See More
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Portfolio Index 1 YR Return
Transporting America Benchmark
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Weight Segment & Stocks Symbol 1 YR Return
51.1% Railroads 21.8%
17.9% Union Pacific Corporation UNP 24.4%
11.5% Canadian National Railway CNI 14.3%
7.5% 8xx 8xxxxxxxxxx 8xx 88.8%
6.3% 8xxxxxx 8xxxxxxx 8xxxxxxxxxx 8xx 88.8%
4.5% 8xxxxxxx 8xxxxxx 8xxxxxx 8xxxxxx 8x 88.8%
3.3% 8xxxxx 8xxx 8xxxxxxx 8xx 88.8%
16.8% Airlines 5.6%
5.2% 8xxxx 8xx 8xxxx 8xxx 8xx 88.8%
4.4% 8xxxxxx 8xxxxxxx 8xx 8xxxxxxx 8xxxxxxxxx 8xxxx 88.8%
3.7% 8xxxxxxxx 8xxxxxxx 8xxxxxx 8xx 88.8%
1.9% 8xxxxx 8xxxxxxxxxx 8xxxxxxx 8xxx 8xx 88.8%
1.6% 8xxxxxx 8xxxxxx 8xxxxxxxxxx 8xxx 88.8%
15.2% Package Delivery 19.5%
10.0% United Parcel Service UPS 13.7%
5.3% 8xxxx 8xxxxxxxxxx 8xx 88.8%
6.8% Trucking 15.7%
4.3% 8xxx 8xxx 8xxxxxxxx 8xxxxxxx 8xxx 8xxx 88.8%
1.5% 8xxxxx 8xxxxxxxxxx 8xxx 8xxx 88.8%
1.0% 8xxxxxxxx 8xxxxxx 8xxx 8xxx 88.8%
5.4% Air Freight & Services 2.0%
4.3% 8xxxxxxxxx 8xxxxxxxxxxxx 8x 8xxxxxxxxx 8 8xxx 88.8%
1.1% 8xxxxxx 8xx 8xxxxxxxxxx 8xxx 88.8%
4.7% Logistics 8.6%
3.9% 8xxx 8xxxxxxx 8xxxxxxxxx 8xxx 8xxx 88.8%
0.7% 8xxxxxxxx 8xxxxxxx 8xxx 8xxx 88.8%
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