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Rebuilding After Sandy


Big Storm, Even Bigger Cleanup Job

Hurricane Sandy’s lethal two-day attack on the East Coast pummeled New York, New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania. The storm tragically led to the loss of lives[1], and the total damages have been estimated at $50 billion, the nation’s second-costliest hurricane in US History.[2] Cities woke up to the aftermath that included flooded homes, damaged cars, and downed power lines and attention quickly turned to the huge amount of repair and reconstruction that, even months after the event, continues to be carried out. Past experiences, such as with Hurricanes Katrina and Irene, have shown that the rebuilding of affected areas can often generate demand for companies that provide services such as home repairs, construction, insurance claim processing and environmental cleanup. See more
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Motif Index 1 YR Return
Rebuilding After Sandy Benchmark
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Weight Segment & Stocks Symbol 1 MO / 1 YR Return
66.4% Building Supplies 1.6%
32.4% Home Depot Inc. (The) HD 3.3%
29.6% Lowe's Cos. LOW 12.2%
1.9% 8xxxxx 8xxxxxx 8xxxxx 8xxx 8xxx 88.8%
1.4% 8xxxx 8xxxxxx 8xx 8xx 8x 88.8%
0.9% 8xx 8xxxxxxxxxx 8xx 88.8%
0.1% 8xxxxx 8xxxxxxxxxx 8xxxxxxx 8xxx 8x 88.8%
15.6% Utility Repair & Supplies 14.8%
6.8% Eaton Corporation PLC ETN 6.1%
3.8% 8xxxxxx 8xx 8xxx 88.8%
3.2% 8xxxxx 8xxxxxxx 8xxx 8xx 88.8%
1.2% 8xxxx 8xxxxxxxxx 8xxx 8x 88.8%
0.7% 8xx 8xxxx 8xxx 8xxx 88.8%
9.1% Self Storage 15.4%
3.8% 8xxxx 8xxxx 8xxxxxx 8xx 8xx 88.8%
2.8% 8xxxxxxxx 8xxx 88.8%
2.5% 8xxx 8xxxxxx 8xx 8xx 88.8%
7.8% Cleanup Products & Services 3.0%
4.3% 8xxxx 8xxx 8xx 8xx 88.8%
3.5% 8xxxx 8xxxxxx 8xxx 8xx 88.8%
1.1% Home Generators 7.4%
1.1% 8xxxxxx 8xxxxxxxx 8xxx 8xxx 88.8%

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