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Bullet-Proof Balance Sheets


The Competitive Advantage of Cash

What goes up, must come down. Strong balance sheets may not seem like the most glamorous case for investing in a company, but in the event of a downturn, dependable cash takes on a new allure. Companies with large cash balances and manageable debt are positioned to weather tough times. They can offer lower prices than in highly competitive environments, acquire distressed assets at bargain prices, and reinvest in their business. As market watchers predict increased volatility over the coming years, investing in companies with strong balance sheets can be a savvy way to get into a competitive position for whatever lies ahead. This motif provides exposure to companies with the highest net cash balances and average positive earnings during the past three years. See More
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Portfolio Index 1 YR Return
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Weight Segment & Stocks Symbol 1 YR Return
40.5% Information Technology 2.3%
10.5% Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. CHKP 14.7%
6.0% 8xxxxx 8xxx 8xxx 88.8%
6.0% 8xxxxxxx 8xxx 8xxx 88.8%
4.9% 8xxxxxxxx 8xxxxxxxxx 8xxxxxxxx 8xxxxxxxx 8xxx 88.8%
3.3% 8xxxx 8xxxxxxxxx 8xxxxxxx 8xxx 8xxx 88.8%
3.1% 8xxxxxxx 8xxxxxxxx 8xxx 8xxx 88.8%
3.1% 8xxx 8xxxxxx 8xxx 8xxx 88.8%
2.3% 8xxxxx 8xxxxxxx 8xxx 8xxx 88.8%
1.3% 8xxxxx 8xxx 8xxx 88.8%
24.4% Communication Services 19.5%
9.5% Alphabet Inc GOOGL 23.9%
6.4% 8xxxxxxxxx 8xxx 8xxx 8x 88.8%
4.6% 8xxxxxxx 8xxxxxxxxxx 8xxxxxxx 8xxx 8xxx 88.8%
3.8% 8xxxxxxx 8xxx 8x 88.8%
19.2% Consumer Discretionary 32.7%
7.6% Garmin Ltd. GRMN 10.2%
5.4% 8xx 8xxxxxxx 8xxxxxxxx 8 8xxxxxxxxx 8xxx 8xx 88.8%
3.7% 8xx 8xxxxxxxx 8xxxx 8xx 8xx 88.8%
2.6% 8xx 8xxxx 8xxxxxxx 8xxx 8xxx 88.8%
10.2% Health Care 12.8%
6.7% 8xxxxxxxx 8xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 8xxx 8xxx 88.8%
3.5% 8xxxxx 8xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 8xxxxxxxxxxx 8xxx 88.8%
5.9% Industrials 1.3%
5.9% 8xxxxxxxxx 8xxxxxxxxxxxx 8x 8xxxxxxxxx 8 8xxx 88.8%
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