IPO for ProLung, Inc.

$7.00–8.00 (Est. Date 02/15/2018)

We are a medical technology company specializing in predictive analytic, early stage lung cancer risk testing, which we refer to as the “ProLung Test.” Our noninvasive, painless and radiation-free ProLung Test was developed to rapidly assess the risk of malignancy in lung nodules found in the chest by a Computed Tomography (“CT”) scan, which is currently the primary method used for the early detection of lung cancer. As lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death, early detection makes a substantial improvement in survival in a large population group. Timely identi?cation of malignancy is essential for patients and their families. Currently, patients often wait from three months to three and one-half years to have the risk of malignancy assessed through periodic CT scan surveillance. Until malignancy is determined to be likely, invasive biopsy and treatment are signi?cantly delayed. Current statistics re?ect a 17% survival rate at ?ve years for those diagnosed with lung cancer.

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This information has been gathered from the company's offering prospectus.

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This information has been gathered from the company's offering prospectus.

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