IPO for IMAC Holdings, Inc.

$5.13 (Est. Date 02/13/2019)

We are a growing chain of Integrated Medicine and Chiropractic (IMAC) Regeneration Centers, combining life science advancements with traditional medical care for movement-restricting diseases and conditions. Our mix of medical and physical procedures is designed to improve patient experiences and outcomes, and to reduce healthcare costs as compared to other available treatment options. We own six and manage five outpatient clinics that provide regenerative, orthopedic and minimally invasive procedures and therapies. Our treatments are performed by licensed medical practitioners through our regenerative rehabilitation protocols designed to improve the physical health, to advance the quality of life and to lessen the pain of our patients. We do not prescribe opioids, but instead offer an alternative to conventional surgery or joint replacement surgery by delivering minimally invasive medical treatments to help patients with sports injuries, back pain, knee pain, joint pain, ligament and tendon damage, and other related soft tissue conditions. Our employees focus on providing exceptional customer service to give our patients a memorable and caring experience. We believe that we have priced our treatments to be affordable by 95% of the population and are well positioned in the expanding regenerative medical sector.

This is the initial public offering of securities of IMAC Holdings, Inc. We are offering 850,000 units consisting of 850,000 shares of our common stock and a total of 1,700,000 warrants to purchase up to 1,700,000 shares of our common stock, divided into two separate equal warrants each to purchase up to 850,000 shares, with each unit consisting of one share of common stock and two warrants, at an initial public offering price of $5.125 per unit. The shares and warrants will be separately issued but will be purchased together as units in this offering. Units will not be issued or certificated. Purchasers of units will receive a number of shares equal to the number of units purchased and a number of total warrants equal to two times the number of units purchased. The terms of the warrants will be identical and will have an exercise price equal to $5.00 per share, be exercisable upon issuance and expire five years after the date of this prospectus. This prospectus also relates to the offering of the shares of common stock issuable from time to time upon exercise of the warrants.

It is anticipated that our common stock and warrants will be traded on The NASDAQ Capital Market under the symbols “IMAC” and “IMACW,” respectively. We do not intend to apply for listing the units on any securities exchange or market, and we do not expect that they will be quoted in the over-the-counter market.

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This information has been gathered from the company's offering prospectus.

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This information has been gathered from the company's offering prospectus.

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