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Understand Positions

Why is the dollar amount of the order I placed different from the purchase amount?

The purchase amount of your order and corresponding weights are used to determine the number of shares to be purchased for each of the stocks/ETFs in the motif using the prevailing market prices at that time. Since security prices fluctuate, the actual purchase price for each individual security will be determined at the time the order is executed at the market.

Why are the weights of the stocks/ETFs in my motifs different from the original weights I entered?

When you entered your original weights, they were calculated based on the stock/ETF prices at that time. As security prices constantly change so will the value of each security in your motif. This causes a change on the dollar weights of your motif. As the value of one of your securities increases relative to the rest, its weight in the motif will also increase. The same holds true if the share price of a security decreases, its weight in the motif will also decrease.

How do you compute the gain/loss of my positions?

The gain/loss is simply the difference between what you paid and the current market value. If you have sold some of your positions in a given motif, the cost of those positions is deducted from the cost used to calculate your current gain/ loss.