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Creator Royalty Program

What do I need to join?

All you will need is an approved and funded Motif Investing brokerage account. IRA accounts are not eligible for this program.

How do I enroll my built motifs to be eligible for creator royalties?

View the quick tutorial video to see how quick and easy it is to enroll your motifs.

How are royalties calculated?

Every time someone purchases or rebalances a motif you’ve built, you will get $1. You do not receive royalties when people sell the motif or trade single stocks in/out of it.

Are all of my motifs eligible for royalties?

Only motifs that you have built from scratch are eligible. You can add or remove motifs from the Creator Royalty Program at any time by going to “Build” from your Motif dashboard and clicking on “Creator Royalties”.

How and when will I receive royalties?

All royalties will accrue throughout the current quarter and will be paid to your Motif Investing account approximately 15 days after quarter end.

Are there tax implications for receiving royalties?

There are. If necessary, Motif Investing will provide the appropriate tax form for you to report qualifying royalties received during the tax year. Motif Investing does not provide any tax advice, so always make sure to consult a tax advisor.

Am I qualified to receive royalties if I am a Registered Investment Advisor?

Absolutely! We ask you to first reach out to our Advisor Services Team so they can discuss some additional documents that may be required. Please call 1-855-586-6843 Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm ET.

Am I eligible for a royalty if I buy or rebalance a motif I created?

As the creator of a motif, you are only eligible for a royalty when other customers buy or rebalance your motif. You do not receive royalties for your created motifs in these cases: 1) sell orders placed by other Motif customers; or 2) trades placed by you.

What are the beginning and end dates for each quarter?

First quarter runs from January 01 – March 31.
Second quarter runs from April 01 – June 30.
Third quarter runs from July 01 – September 30.
Fourth quarter runs from October 01 – December 31.

Is there a limit to the number of motifs I can create and enroll in the program?

No there is not. You can create and enroll as many motifs as you choose.

Can I view the amount of royalties I have earned for each motif and as a total for my entire account?

Yes, you can. From your Motif dashboard go to “Build” and click “Creator Royalties”. From this page you will be able to see “Royalties Since Added” for each motif along with a total for all of your built motifs.

What if I had an eligible trade in a motif I built but it is not showing in my Creator Royalty section?

If you feel an eligible trade was made on a motif you created and it does not show in your “Eligible Trades” column, please give our Customer Service team a call at 1-855-586-6843. We are available M-F 9am-6pm ET.

Is the cost the same to buy, sell or rebalance a motif that is enrolled in the Creator Royalties Program?

It sure is! You will still only pay $9.95 for a motif trade and $4.95 for an individual stock trade.

Am I able to keep track of my royalties throughout the quarter?

Of course! From your Motif dashboard go to “Build” and click “Creator Royalties”. From this page you will be able to view each motif, its enrollment status in both the community catalog and the Creator Royalty Program, and how much royalty dollars you have earned.

Why does it show I have “Unpaid” royalties for a few of my motifs?

Royalties are credited to your account after quarter end, so this means you have pending royalties since the last quarter payment and you should expect to see these credited to your account after the current quarter ends.