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Can I sell an MLCD before maturity?

Yes, you can sell the MLCD you chose to purchase prior to maturity, but there may be a limited secondary market that could make it difficult to sell. MLCDs are intended to be held until maturity. Even if you are able to sell your MLCD prior to maturity, you should be aware of the following: due to risks associated with MLCDs including but not limited to liquidity risk, market risk, credit risk, and performance risk you are not guaranteed the return of your principal investment.

The price of an MLCD at any time, including the price at which the issuer of the MLCD may buy or sell the them, reflects many factors that cannot be predicted such as credit spreads and the issuer’s pricing models.

To sell your MLCD prior to maturity, please contact Customer Service at 1-855-586-6843 (9am-6pm ET Monday – Friday).

For full details, please read the applicable offering document of any investments you choose to make.