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What are some benefits of an MLCD?

MLCDs guarantee the return of principal only at maturity with the potential to earn an additional amount based on the performance of the underlier.

MLCDs may be an attractive option to investors seeking:

  • FDIC-Insurance. MLCDs carry FDIC insurance protection on the invested amount only (not on any potential enhanced return based on the performance of the underlier) and is subject to FDIC coverage limits ($250,000 per account owner per issuing bank). Please refer to the FDIC – Your Insured Deposits Brochure for more information regarding FDIC insurance and limits.
  • 100% Principal Protection at Maturity. The initial investment in the MLCD is guaranteed to be returned only at maturity. Please note this guarantee does not apply if the MLCD is sold prior to maturity.
  • Potential Enhanced Returns. If held to maturity, MLCDs allow investors to receive their full principal invested plus an additional payment linked to the return of the underlier.

For full details, please read the applicable offering document of any investments you choose to make.