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You Too Can Customize a Motif—Here’s Why

21 August 2015 in Inside Motif

Key Takeaways

  • Easily customize any motif by adding or deleting stocks or changing the weightings.
  • Whether you buy a motif as is or customize it to your liking you always pay just $9.95 total commission for up to 30 stocks.

Experienced chefs know that incredible dishes can result from tweaking a recipe to one’s unique taste. Active investors might agree the same logic applies to maintaining a portfolio. When it comes to motifs, there are numerous reasons you may want to customize them—here’s a few reasons why you might consider doing so.

Narrow the Scope

The motifs available in our catalog are designed around ideas and themes, making it easy to invest in up to 30 stocks and exchange-traded funds with just a few clicks. If you want to narrow the scope of a motif that covers a large industry, you can do so through customization. For example, train fanatics may wish to take a transportation themed motif such as Transporting America and customize it to only include railroad stocks.

Replace Unfamiliar Stocks With Those You Know Well

Investing can give you the opportunity to own a portion of a company you know well through personal experience. Perhaps you are a regular customer or enthusiast of a company and you want to add it to a particular motif in place of its competitor. It’s easy to add or remove any component of a motif, both individual holdings and entire categories of stocks or ETFs.

Change The Total Number Of Stocks or ETFs

Since motifs are transparent, you can see the exact number of holdings it contains. If a motif has more or fewer stocks or ETFs than you want, simply add or remove names at your discretion. As an example, you may decide to take a motif of 30 stocks and reduce it to 20 stocks or vice versa.

Adjust the Weightings or Rebalance

The securities in motifs that reflect ideas or themes are weighted based on their exposure to that theme and factors such as market capitalization. Weightings can change as the prices of those securities rise and fall. While our investment professionals rebalance motifs at least once a year, you can customize the weightings of a motif’s components at any time., You can also customize the recommended rebalance allocations feature, or even opt out of these suggestions.

Try Before You Buy

Not sure if you’re ready to customize a motif? Start off by experimenting: Pick an interesting motif in the catalog and play around with different customization settings. You can even save the resulting custom motifs to your watch list for easy access later. In these saved versions, you’ll see performance figures comparing your version of the motif to the original one, along with the Standard & Poor’s 500.

Here’s How to Do It

Customizing a motif is simple and only takes a few steps—we list them below, but you can also see them in action in the following video.

1. Before buying a motif, click on the gray button in the top right-hand corner, labeled Customize A Motif.


2. Use the sliders to make any weighting adjustments. Segment sliders appear in blue; individual stock sliders are white.


3. You can remove stocks by clicking on the delete buttons located to the left of the name field.

4. To add new stocks, click on the Add Stocks link along the right-hand side. Follow the wizard prompts to add related stocks or use the search feature. After adding stocks, input your desired weightings.


5. You can save the customization to a watch list by clicking on the button labeled Watch, or click the Buy Custom Motif button to purchase.

Now you’re better prepared to create your own custom motifs on our trading platform.

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