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Webinar recording available: What’s new at Motif?

2 May 2016 in Inside Motif

Do you have the tools that give you an edge in today’s markets? Join Motif Founder and CEO Hardeep Walia and Jeff Loman, VP of Product and Growth as they demo the latest innovations on the Motif platform and mobile app, then answer your questions in a live town hall webinar, “What’s new at Motif?”

Topics covered:

  • Introducing buy, sell, and stop limit orders
    Motif now offers various order types that add precision and protection to your trading. We’ll share tips on when to use limit orders.
  • Brand new iPhone and Android mobile apps
    See how you can take your mobile trading to the next level with mobile-only features personalized to you.
  • Preview what’s next
    Be the first to know what’s coming up on our platform.

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