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Time for an Update: Motif Rebalances Are In

28 March 2014 in Trading Ideas

Last week, we finished the work on rebalancing more than 50 of our professionally constructed motifs. For Motif customers, that means you can now review your motifs for the relevant rebalancing options – your specific eligible motifs are mentioned in the email we recently sent you.

And, until March 31, take advantage of our Spring into Action promotion that lets you stay up to date with the rebalance for 50% off – that’s just $4.95 total commission for rebalances on motifs created by Motif Investing.

For those of you considering a rebalance, and for others just starting the process of opening a Motif account, the rebalance is our way of making sure that all motifs in the catalog remain true to the original compelling investing idea.

As you know, financial markets can turn on a dime – and so can a company’s fortunes. Every day, businesses make key decisions about what’s working and what isn’t. Companies enter businesses or exit businesses, they gain market share or suffer from the heat of competition. Meanwhile, hot new sectors constantly sprout up, along with newly public companies that are already leading the pack.

Our rebalances synthesize all these developments into the motif so that it adjusts to prevailing market conditions while remaining focused on its investing thesis. The rebalanced motifs will still provide top relevant companies, the same key sectors – while seeking an opportunity to diversify within a specific sector or idea, to help reduce your concentration in an individual security.

Are you ready to rebalance or want to see the latest constructions?

Here is the full list of recently rebalanced motifs:

3D Printing
Battling Cancer
Big Data
Biotech Breakthroughs
BRICS Building
Buyback Leaders
Casino Gambling
Childs Play
China Internet
Chinese Solar
Cleantech Everywhere
Cloud Computing
Couch Commerce
Cyber Security
Digital Dollars
Discount Nation
Dividend Stars
Electronic Trading
Eurozone Rebound
Fed Tapering
Fighting Fat
Finding Momo
For-Profit Colleges
Guns Guards & Gates
Healthy and Tasty
High Yield Dividends
Hot Retail
Housing Recovery
Income Inequality
QE Japan
Mobile Internet Tsunami
Natural Gas Glut
No Glass Ceilings
Office Space
On The Road
Online Gaming World
Onward Online Ads
Precious Metals
Recycled Steel
Repeal Obamacare
Rising Interest Rates
Senior Care
Shale Gas
Shale Oil
Small Cap Stars
Social Networking
Software as a Service
Tablet Takeover
Tech Takeout Targets
Wall Street
Water Shortage

Commission offer available for trades executed from Friday, March 21, 2014 at 12am EDT to Monday, March 31, 2014 at 11:59pm EDT. Offer applies to motifs built by Motif Investing and is not combinable with other offers.

Please refer to the Motif Details page for a particular motif to determine its rebalance schedule, which can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. Any motifs either customized by, or built by individual investors are not included as part of the rebalance schedule.

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