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Infographic: The mainstreaming of climate change

22 April 2016 in Investing Insights

Last Friday was Earth Day, and it was historic. The landmark climate deal to slow Earth’s warming was agreed to late last year and signed by 175 of the world’s countries at the UN headquarter in New York City. Just down the road on Wall Street, big investors, from insurers to pensions, are also forming their response to global warming.

Signs are emerging that the climate change theme is going mainstream and solutions that aim to solve global warming challenges may deserve a look. Check out this infographic highlighting our green motifs.


Where the Smart Money Is Investing Motif: Smart Grid Motif: Battery Charged Motif: Clean Tech Everywhere Motif: Fossil Free Batteries and Smart Grid Renewal Energy Opportunities Climate Change Opportunities Motif: Water Shortage Green Investing



  1. Burbank Burner
    26 Apr at 7:55 pm

    Since there is no “Global Warming” nor is there any human caused “Climate Change” nor are the seas rising, what is there exactly to go mainstream? A completely fraud filled, made up science, hoax?

      27 Apr at 7:01 am


    • Daniel R Laney
      28 Apr at 8:05 pm

      Burbank, How is the weather on Mars? It’s obvious you don’t reside on planet earth.

      • Bruddah Nui
        2 May at 2:59 pm

        Actually when the Earth was warming before the so-called pause so was Mars. Whats your point? You see there are these things called satellites that send back information. Even NASA had to admit satellites are showing negligible to no earth warming. That’s why they now call it climate change. None of their computer models have come true and that’s they’re saying the lack of warming is just a pause. They used heat sink area temps to drive up the numbers for the models which is why they have been so inaccurate.

    • Paul
      30 Apr at 1:34 am

      People running a scam will never, never, ever admit it is a scam. Repeat a lie enough times and many of the “low information” useful idiots will believe it’s the truth. Sad, isn’t it?

      • Bruddah Nui
        2 May at 3:00 pm

        You got that right.

    27 Apr at 12:24 pm


  3. Webyankee
    28 Apr at 9:11 am

    So, you say man can fix Global warming do you (LIE). The only thing man can do is reduce the man made pollution and that does NOT mean it will stop global warming. If man could effect climate change then man could control the weather instead of guessing what it is going to do next. This Global Warming / Climate Change movement is nothing but a scheme to leach money and power from the governments of the world.
    OK, you think it is scientific (trash) the main reason many of the scientists go along with this scheme is that they will benefit from grants and support for altering data and results to favor their source of support.
    ALSO, answer this question, what are you going to do about volcanoes that when they erupt spew many times the pollution that man has ever created in our entire existence on this planet and yet our planet survives. Yes man needs to stop man made pollution, so start banning those containers that do not decompose and start cultivating the renewable resources like trees. There are so many other viable things that can be focused on besides a PHONY claims about our environment to benefit and support a corrupt and dishonest ideology.

  4. Mark Zetzer
    29 Apr at 12:06 pm

    Actual weather data refutes all climate change predictions ever made. Global warming is at best an unproven theory, at worst an excuse for murderous oppression. Climate change believers have the freedom to practice and preach their religion in any way they want, but they should not influence public policy. All climate change taxes and regulations should be repealed immediately.

  5. steve tate
    2 May at 1:28 pm

    But,but,but, Obama and 170 “world leaders” signed a piece of paper two weeks ago that will make everything OK. Right? I mean, the UN wouldn’t be telling us all this if it wasn’t true? Right? I think America needs to move onto more important things like where can the sexually confused can go peepee or spending $700 million dollars to promote homosexuality in Africa. Liberalism is a mental disorder.