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Tablet Video Games Are Taking Up Your Time

2 July 2012 in Trading Ideas

People are snapping up personal computing tablets for a number of reasons, but a key attraction has been the growing number of available games.

The Los Angeles Times recently reported on a survey of tablet users that found that one in four device users had bought $62 worth of games in 2011.

That may not sound like much, but users of smartphones, which, of course, have been around longer than tablets, have only spent an average of $25 a year on games.

The Times also said that games are the second-most popular activity among tablet uses, behind accessing the internet. One possible reason for the popularity, according to the paper, is that the back-loaded structure of the game marketplace, where users are often charged after they’ve played.

Many games are initially restricted by a low level of rudimentary features, with users then being charged to unlock additional content. This transaction could range from 99 cents to $20 for an entirely unlocked game.

Another recent survey by Information Solutions Group also validated the popularity of mobile gaming: 44 percent of that survey’s respondents had played at least one game on a tablet or smartphone in the past month. That was up from 29 percent of users saying this a year earlier.

How much do you think tablet sales will increase as a result of video games on the devices?