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Smartphone, Tablets Set to Grab Share of CES Spotlight

3 January 2014 in Trading Ideas

Here comes another Consumer Electronics Show, and with it the steady hype of new laptops, gaming technologies, refrigerators, televisions, and the latest in tech gadgets you can wear.

And even though smartphones and tablets may no longer be the newest of the new devices, the industry’s red-hot competition means makers are still targeting CES to roll out their latest wares.

South Korea’s Samsung has traditionally targeted the trade show for a new unveiling or two, and this year is expected to bring the same. With reports suggesting that sales of the company’s Galaxy S4 smartphone are slowing, Samsung may be speeding up the launch for its S5 model. The company also is thought to be readying four or five new phone models for 2014, some of which could see a debut at CES.1

mobile internet tsunamiSamsung also may deliver a little more intelligence on its curved-screen Galaxy Round smartphone.

For its part, Samsung competitor Microsoft appears like it is holding back the big guns for the Las Vegas show, recently downplaying its plans to unveil anything too dramatic.

However, as TechRadar recently noted, the company did use last year’s CES to show off a pre-production Surface Pro tablet, and it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if the company didn’t have a new tablet, smartphone – or both – to generate some pre-release buzz.

Asus’ plans are also looming after the company released a teaser video just before Christmas that the company may be working on a tablet that will be able to run both Android and Windows operating systems. Whether the device is a laptop/tablet hybrid or a hybrid-of-a-hybrid remains to be seen.

tablet takeover motifHowever, the competition inside tablets and smartphones is just as acute. AMD has big plans at CES for its new Kaveri chip and has just unveiled two other products for tablets and smartphones.

Nvidia and Broadcom are expected to unveil brand new 64-bit processors, joining Qualcomm, which already announced its 64-bit chip, the Snapdragon 410, in early December. TechRadar expects phones running on the chip to arrive this month.

The CES extravaganza kicks off a year in which analysts expect that tablets will grow to 50% of the personal computing market (tablets, PCs, notebooks).

Analysts at Canalys project that 285 million tablets will ship this year, growing to 395 million by 2017. Apple and Samsung are expected to stay ahead of the competition in the medium term, but new vendors could bring new challenges over time.2

The Tablet Takeover motif has increased 1.9% in the past month and rose 31.2% in 2013. The Mobile Internet Tsunami motif gained 0.5% in the past month and was up 17.6% in 2013.

The S&P 500 has risen 2.3% in the past month and 29.1% in 2013.

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