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Re-Attach Your Custom Motif Back To The Benchmark Construction

27 October 2015 in Inside Motif

If you’ve purchased one of our pre-built professional motifs in the past and then later customized it by adding, removing or adjusting the weights of individual stocks within the motif, then consider re-attaching your custom motif back to the current benchmark construction for $9.95 total commission.

Re-attaching back to a professional motif allows you to:

• Follow the latest investment thesis for the motif
• Get notifications about rebalance updates
• Track the performance of the benchmark

Here’s how you can re-attach a custom motif in just a few clicks:

Log in to your Motif account and from your dashboard click on the custom motif to go to its details page.


Within the “Motif Actions” box on the top right of the page click on “More Actions…” and select “Re-Attach to Benchmark Motif”.


Review and confirm your Re-Attach to Benchmark Motif transaction to place the trade.