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Paper Cash Is So Passe

28 July 2015 in Trading Ideas

The way we pay is changing at a quickening pace.1 Faster speeds, stronger security, and other technologies are enabling both traditional and emerging payments providers to entice more people to transact online and on a growing number of platforms.

As Internet payments become mainstream, the next wave appears to be mobile commerce. In fact, 28 percent of smartphone owners have paid for something online while using these devices.2 The technology accounted for a quarter of the $101.9 billion in online commerce this past holiday season alone.3

While the latest technologies might be garnering the most news headlines in this space, eventually old-fashioned infrastructure takes over the payments processing on the back end.

That’s why card networks – Visa Inc., MasterCard and American Express Co. – have the lion’s share of the weighting in our Digital Dollars motif, at 53.4 percent. The other 22 stocks in this basket include payments processors, with a 30.3 percent weight; solutions providers, at 12.3 percent; and infrastructure and software at 4 percent. Digital Dollars is our latest Motif of the Week. Save $9.95: Trade it commission-free from now through Friday, July 31.