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Single Stock Trading Now Available!

18 June 2015 in Inside Motif

In response to your feedback, Motif is excited to offer single stock trading to give you even greater flexibility and convenience in meeting your particular investing needs.

Previously, in order to trade a single stock or ETF, you were required to do so within a motif. By introducing Single Stock Trading, we provide you greater flexibility to trade stocks on an individual basis outside of a motif.

You now have two new options when trading single stocks or ETFs at Motif.

Buy or Sell Single Stocks or ETFs Outside of a Motif 

To trade stocks outside of a motif, login and click Trade Stocks from the Stocks & IPOs drop-down in the site navigation bar.

stocks header

When buying or selling a single stock outside of a motif, you can trade by dollar amounts or number of shares.


Add a New Stock or ETF to a Motif You Already Own (up to a maximum of 30 stocks per motif)

Start by clicking on Trade Stocks from the Stocks & IPOs drop-down in the site navigation bar. You can add new stocks to a motif you own as long as the selected motif contains less than the maximum number of stocks allowed (30).

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When you trade stocks in a professional motif, your position will become a custom motif.


Remember, in addition to the 2 new features covered above, you can still trade individual stocks and ETFs in the following ways within an existing motif.

Add shares to a stock you already own in an existing motif

To add shares of a stock you own in an existing motif, start from the Positions and Balances page.


The Positions and Balances page contains all the motifs and single stocks you own listed in one place. Click on any motif to get to its motif details page where you will see a list of all the stocks and ETFs in the motif. To the right of each stock is a trade button. Click on it to buy more shares of the stock.



Sell some or all of a single stock in a motif you own

Once again, start from the Positions and Balances page (see section above). Click on a motif you own to get to its motif details page, find the stock you want to sell and click on the trade button to the right of it. The stock symbol and the motif name will be pre-populated as seen below. Specify the quantity or sell all.


Single stock commissions are just $4.95 per transaction.

  1. Lee J
    18 Jun at 2:27 pm

    Great option to have. When will LIMIT orders be available? What parties fill the orders – as the cost is attractive, but no so much if the execution price is not.


  2. Glen Brooke McIntyre
    18 Jun at 6:31 pm

    This is great guys.

    I did not know I could not add to a motif when I first built one. When I realized this, in future motifs I planned to add 1 share of stocks I MIGHT want to later acquire for the portfolio just so I had the stock on the list and the option to do so.

    That strategy flies in the face of what a motif is trying to do, but because of the former rules I would have to keep stocks I didn’t like in an industry in the motif in case they became attractive in the future. This is no longer necessary.

    Great update.

  3. charles maness
    2 Oct at 6:41 pm

    If I wanted to add shares to more than 2 positions inside a motif, would it be better fee-wise to open a new motif @ 9.95 than purchase more shares for 3 positions @ 4.95 each?