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Motif Investing’s Apple Watch App Let’s Investors Stay Up-to-Date When They’re on the Go

22 April 2015 in Inside Motif

Motif Investing has unveiled a new app for the Apple Watch.

Available beginning April 24, the Motif app for Apple Watch integrates with the iPhone and is designed to give investors more ways to stay on top of their investments on the go.

Don’t yet have the Motif Investing app on your iPhone? Download it today from the App Store.

The Motif app for Apple Watch has three main features.

1) Rebalance notifications on your wrist. Motif will notify you when investment positions in a professionally built motif have strayed from their intended allocations or they no longer fulfill the motif’s mandate. These periodic rebalance notifications will now appear on your Apple Watch. Simply swipe to learn which motifs have rebalances. Log into your Motif Investing app on your iPhone, and you are ready to rebalance.


2) Markets and motifs at a glance.  Even when you’re not logged in to your Motif account, you can still get quick updates on the Standard & Poor’s 500 index plus view featured motifs. Swipe and you’ll see the S&P and the one-day and one-year price change of five featured motifs.



3) Log in for even more functionality. You will also be able to access an account summary of your overall portfolio position, day–by-day changes in your account value, and when you swipe, you’ll see the motifs you own with their one-day performance.



If you haven’t done so already, download the Motif Investing iOS app today!


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