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Motif of the Week: Time for a Toast

19 October 2015 in Trading Ideas

Beer Mega-Deal Has Liquor Stocks Buzzing

The world’s beer market is becoming a lot cozier. In a $104.2 billion takeover, SABMiller will join forces with Anheuser-Busch InBev, creating a brewing behemoth with $68 billion in global beer sales and 31% of the world market.

While the deal helps both companies expand their geographic reach, it also combines their bankrolls to continue the trend of acquiring faster-growing craft breweries. In the last month alone, small brewers like Lagunitas, Saint Archer, and Golden Road all were acquired by or partnered up with giant publicly traded brewers. Meanwhile, British distiller Diageo just announced it would offload most of its tepidly growing wine business to focus on its core spirits and beer business.

With investors drinking in a swirl of deals, we’re tapping High Spirits as our Motif of the Week. Beginning today through Friday, October 23, you can trade the motif, commission-free.

Bottoms up!

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