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Motif of the Week: Here’s an Epic New Motif, Just Sayin’

14 March 2016 in Motif of the Week

Americans born in the 20-year span beginning in the early 1980s, better known as Millennials, are seen by some older generations as a one-dimensional prototype: tech-savvy savants who text in acronyms and are never more than three feet from their smartphones.

But for investors, the picture is more complex – and possibly even more attractive. These 18-to-34-year-olds are now the biggest demographic in the US and globally are estimated to have spending power of $2.45 trillion. While technology and social media plays a huge role in Millennials’ lives, so does a scaled-down financial outlook – keep in mind that most of a 30-year-old’s adult life has been spent navigating a tepid post-financial crisis recovery.

This week’s Motif of the Week, Millennials #IRL, is our newest – a portfolio of companies that many in the age group seek out – and buy from – every day. Starting today through Friday, March 18, you can trade the motif, commission-free.

For more information about the millennials theme, read Hardeep’s latest LinkedIn post where he shares his thoughts.

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