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Motif of the Week: Eight Minutes, $1 Billion

16 November 2015 in Trading Ideas

Last Wednesday, in less than 500 seconds of activity, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba generated a billion dollars of sales during Singles Day — the anti-Valentine’s Day that has now become the world’s top online shopping day of the year.

By midday, the company had sold $9 billion worth of goods, eclipsing the amount it brought in throughout the entire day a year ago. As a comparison, total Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales in the US last year amounted to only $2.5 billion.

This is the new power of consumers in emerging markets. Euromonitor International forecasts that between 2015 and 2030, real consumer spending growth in emerging and developing markets will be three times that of developed markets as a result of population growth, rapid urbanization and rising incomes.

In a belated celebration of Singles Day, we’re naming Emerging Markets Consumer as our Motif of the Week. Beginning today through Friday, Nov. 20, you can trade this motif, commission-free.

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