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Motif of the Week: 3D Printers are manufacturing a rally

11 April 2016 in Motif of the Week

It may be time to reconsider the idea that one of technology’s “next big things” can’t deliver on its promise. While investors have shunned the sector for most of the past 18 months due to concerns about the still-limited scale of offerings and highly leveraged debt profiles, a strong earnings performance by one top player changed everything almost overnight.

Last month, 3D Systems beat quarterly profit expectations, with revenue topping the Wall Street view by more than 10 percent. That stock is now up 84 percent this year, and many of the company’s rivals have seen their shares surge as well.

With another earnings season approaching, it’s a good time to spotlight 3D Printing as our Motif of the Week. Beginning today through Friday, April 15, you can trade this motif, commission-free.

Print that!

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