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Motif of the Week: Obesity Battle Is a Multi-Front Fight

10 August 2015 in Trading Ideas

Congratulations, America, you may be gaining the upper hand on the struggle against fat.1

Daily calories consumed by American adults have been declining slowly-but-surely for the past dozen years – a first since the federal government began tracking calorie totals more than 40 years ago. With that, obesity rates appear to have leveled off.2

Meanwhile, many companies that provide services to people fighting obesity and its collateral damage have prospered. Weight Watchers, for example, just raised its 2015 profit outlook as North American online sign-ups have risen.3 In addition, insulin maker Novo Nordisk raised its full-year operating profit growth target as strong sales of its diabetes drugs lifted its second-quarter earnings by 19 percent.4

These two companies together account for more than a quarter of the allocations in the Fighting Fat motif. We’ve made it our Motif of the Week – from today through Friday, August 14, you can trade it commission free. You’re welcome to load up your plate with this one.

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