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Welcome to Motif Investing!

3 June 2012 in Hardeep's Thoughts

This company was created for you – the investor who feels the traditional ways of investing have failed and is tired of listening to what the “smart money” thinks you should do. At Motif, we believe you are the “smart money,” and we wanted to empower you with a simple and intuitive way to put your great investment ideas to work.

When you begin looking at our catalog of more than 50 motifs, I’m certain that many of the themes you’ll see will be ideas you’ve already had yourself. You have probably wondered if there was an easy way to broadly invest in the hot tablet PC market or the expanding mobile internet industry. Or maybe you’ve asked yourself, “Isn’t there some way to take advantage of the power of Facebook without trying to time its volatile IPO?”

Motif Investing offers a way to help you tap into those ideas – and many more. But with Motif, you are picking the ideas that sound good to you. We help you turn them into investments.

Our team is also constantly testing and building new motifs to give you the earliest possible investing access to the newest trends and ideas. Watch for new motifs in the weeks and months to come.

Along with our mission to serve you, the individual investor, we understand that your life has become more social than ever before. Exchanging ideas about movies, restaurants – and investing – has become part of our daily fabric. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to invite your Facebook friends to your own investing “circle” on the Motif platform, where you can share your ideas with whom you choose.

I hope you enjoy the Motif experience. We will always value any feedback you have — please drop us a line to tell us how we’re doing.

To better ideas,

Hardeep Walia
CEO & Founder