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Memo to Investors: Apple Isn't the Whole World

1 February 2013 in Trading Ideas

Apple Inc. could be the most closely followed company in the world. Vast armies of analysts, journalists and bloggers not only chronicle its every move, but also speculate with abandon on what Apple move might come next.

But there is something which may have been overlooked in all the ink spilled about its underwhelming FYQ1 numbers. To the extent Apple has problems, those problems may well be unique to Apple, and don’t necessarily extend to other companies in similar markets.

Consider: Mobile computing continues to take the world by storm; annual growth rates for mobile phones are projected to be in the double- and even triple-digits for many years to come. The iPhone, of course, is just one player in mobile; arch-rival Android continues to post spectacular numbers, especially overseas. The same is true for tablets, which are rapidly becoming the computing platform of choice for tens of millions of users. The iPad may have kicked off the tablet craze, but that doesn’t guarantee it a permanent lock on the market.

These trends have their own motifs: Mobile Internet Tsunami and Tablet Takeover, which are up 10.8% and 10.7%, respectively, over the last 12 months. Reading rumors about new Apple products will always be fun. But investors who want exposure in Apple’s markets may want to take a second look at Apple’s competitors.

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