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Quiz: How Much Risk Can You Take?

2 October 2015 in Investing Insights

You may have noticed that brokerages suss out your risk appetite during the account opening process. They are actually required to do so.

If you’ve ever felt confused about how to answer these questions, you’re not alone.

No matter how much trading experience you have, generalized questions about risk tolerance can be too abstract: You might unwittingly provide answers reflecting what you wish your risk appetite were rather than what it really is.

To help give you additional insight into your attitude toward risk, we’ve compiled a list of questions that together look at risk from a broader perspective than what typical questionnaires tend to address.1 This quiz is intended to be lighthearted and not substitute for formal risk profiling.

This quiz is for informational purposes only. Ready to put that newly increased awareness of your risk tolerance to work? Sign up for a free account at Motif Investing to get started.

1 Robbins, Mel, “Are You a Risk Taker? Take the Test,” CNBC, August 21, 2008.

  1. Bill Hall
    23 Nov at 8:46 am

    Good approach. Will send to a friend of mine who needs all the help he can get.