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Do You Have The Habits Of A Billionaire?

9 June 2015 in Investing Insights

Ever wondered if people who have surpassed the billion-dollar mark were just in the right place at the right time? Perhaps they were born into good fortune, have higher levels of intelligence and skills, work harder, or have just the right blend of personality traits. Even though their bank accounts are filled with more commas than one can easily count, at the end of the day they are people just like everyone else.

What are billionaires good at besides achieving goals and rolling in the dough? Some of their habits and personality traits may surprise you. Who knows, adopting some of the characteristics and good habits of successful billionaires could help you along your path to greater achievements and riches.



One of George Soros’ investment principles is to collaborate with others before acting on large investment decisions. Not only that, Soros likes to hear contrarian viewpoints. And he doesn’t insist on everyone being in agreement in order to move forward.

He has a good habit of not rushing big decisions and taking time “to read and reflect” before pulling the trigger. His disciplined habits of collaboration and sleeping on large decisions helped him reach a successful $24.2 billion net worth.1


Even with an impressive net worth of over $70 billion dollars2, Warren Buffett is a prime example of a billionaire who practices frugality. Buffett could easily afford to live in a palace like Versailles, yet he still lives in the same house that he purchased in 1958 for only $31,500.3

Buffett enjoys his long-term home and considers it to be one of his best investments since he could afford it when he purchased it and the memories he’s had there over the years with his family are priceless. As the expression goes, collect moments not things. Memories tend to appreciate in value while material things tend to depreciate.


Fast food might be convenient and cheap, but it’s often overloaded with fat and processed ingredients that does a body bad. Even with hectic schedules, billionaires often do an excellent job avoiding unhealthy food.

Studies have shown that 70 percent of the wealthy consume less than 300 junk food calories a day and 76 percent get four or more days of aerobic exercise a week.4 Leading healthy lifestyles is one way that billionaires are able to stay focused on what they do best and helps keep their minds sharp. If we don’t have our health, we might as well have nothing.


Bill Gates is well known not just for co-founding Microsoft, but also for his philanthropy. He’s held the title of the richest person in the world for the last 21 years and has given 29.5 billion dollars to charitable causes over his lifetime. His private foundation is the largest in the world, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which is focused on improvements in global health, solving hunger in Africa, increasing mobile banking, and enhancing US education.5

Bill’s close friend Warren Buffet also created The Giving Pledge, encouraging the world’s richest families to give the majority of their wealth away to charity.


One of the perks of having a lot of money is comfortably being able to afford having a team of people to help with everyday life. You might think that every billionaire out there must have personal assistants, drivers, housekeepers, personal shoppers, cooks, and butlers, but that isn’t always the case.

Charlie Ergen, the chairman of Dish Network, doesn’t need a chef or a personal assistant to order him lunch. He’s perfectly content preparing his own sandwich to bring to work even though he could easily afford someone to do that for him since he has a net worth of over $16 billion.6 Self-sufficiency allows you to stay in touch with reality to help find solutions to everyday problems.


Successful billionaires know that great wealth doesn’t happen by itself. Many billionaires are self-made and owe their riches to years and years of hard work and persistence. Michael Bloomberg, worth over $36 billion, built his wealth over several decades and Warren Buffett made over 99% of his wealth after he turned 50.7

As the common investor saying goes, “Time in the market is better than timing the market.”


Just because billionaires have amassed boatloads of money, doesn’t mean they are spoiled, ungrateful, entitled, or unappreciative. Many billionaires actually came from poor and humble beginnings such as Howard Schultz (Starbucks), John Paul DeJoria (John Paul Mitchell Systems & Patron Tequila), Do Won Chang (Forever 21), Ralph Lauren, and Oprah Winfrey.8

Knowing what it was like to struggle making ends meet, work multiple jobs, and overcome various hardships in their past has kept many billionaires extremely thankful and humble. One of Oprah Winfrey’s famous quotes reads, “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”9


Billionaires don’t have super powers; they were all born just like regular people and have suffered from failures like everyone else. In your quest to reach great riches, remember that many billionaires are self-made. They were able to amass great wealth over many years through hard work, collaboration, persistence, and taking risks. Most billionaires have also developed great habits that have enabled them to achieve many incredible goals and admirable achievements.

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  1. Jenny
    10 Jun at 9:15 am

    The philanthropy mindset is really amazing by Warren, Bill, and so many others. I think they know that they are lucky beyond their wildest imagination.

    Persistence is the one thing we can all work on. It’s the #1 thing I’ve noticed that makes people successful!


    • Bill Morrison
      1 Sep at 11:16 pm

      They earn more in interest than my entire debt. I boarder on welfare, but wouldn’t have to work over-time if they could pay off my house. They spend more on one vacation than my entire debt. If they pay’ed off my debts, I would still work my 12 hour shift but would not have to volunteer overtime, missing my children grow up.

    27 Jun at 6:53 am


  3. Marcial Garcia
    29 Jun at 6:46 am

    What good it will be if a man gain the whole world and loose his soul
    life is nothing but a vapor

  4. Andy
    6 Aug at 4:13 pm

    I really admire the philanthropic efforts of billionaires like Bill Gates. Even with my humble income I do what I can to give back as well. Life is more meaningful when you find ways to help others and give back.

  5. Ganesh
    19 Aug at 11:10 am

    It is better to be rich (may be millionaire) but not famous while a billionaire is one who may end up putting time and effort on protecting his or her wealth and also protect themselves in all public places.

  6. David M.Wheatfall
    3 Sep at 2:04 am

    As long as u are breathing we all got a chance to be successful,if uduring the right thing.

  7. Ashley B.
    3 Sep at 8:05 am

    if ur famous then you do get a lot of money but not as much as being a billionaire in a good job. Billionaire’s take a lot of effort in everything Wow! I’m impressed

  8. Sallie
    3 Sep at 11:09 am

    Save,spend on what you need, tithe to whatever spiritual or charitable good.do what you can and build up with an open heart.never ever forget to say thank you. Don’t question your good or where it came from. Be frugal, not stingy.never lend money. If you can comfortably afford it and you want to help, give it freely and don’t look back. It comes to you in many ways, like connect the dots.never forget to say I love you.Thats all I know.

  9. Jackson
    16 Oct at 5:37 pm

    I can’t imagine ever being a billionaire myself, but I’m proud to say I do have a lot of the qualities listed. I admire the charitable work that Gates does and I admire Buffett’s frugality.