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Green Streak Continues in State of the Union

15 February 2013 in Trading Ideas

It continues to look like 2013 may be a promising year for Clean Technology, which the Cleantech Everywhere motif is designed to track.

Though his second term is barely a few weeks old, President Obama has already given two extremely well-publicized shout-outs to this sector of the economy: in the State of the Union address, and in his inaugural address in January. No presidential speeches get as much attention as these, and President Obama chose to include prominent mentions of cleantech in both.

Having a president so firmly committed to a technological initiative can help it in many ways. President Obama is expected to include monies for clean technology research and companies in the budgets he submits to Congress, though the Republicans who control the House have traditionally been less receptive to the approach than the president. But President Obama can also offer assistance via executive orders, such as the cleantech-oriented purchasing guidelines he is expected to issue for federal agencies, including the Pentagon, one of the biggest purchasers on the planet1.

The Cleantech Everywhere motif includes a portfolio of companies in a market estimated at $245 billion, and includes such green energy work horses as wind and solar companies, which comprise 45% of the portfolio. Two other major categories include lighting companies, which are busy making more energy-efficient alternatives to the traditional incandescent light bulb, and “smart grid” providers, who are making the U.S. energy infrastructure more efficient.