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A Fool in Every Market

1 April 2016 in

While we would love to post a spoof blog about a new “Kim Kardashian” motif containing shares in Botox and silicone makers producing disproportionally huge returns, we are bound by certain rules that keep us buttoned down and fully clothed, unlike you-know-who. Here’s a sampling of some April Fool pranks that made us chuckle.

Robotic or human fools?

Last year on this day, Tesla blogged that it was introducing a new watch called the Model W (“W” is for “watch,” as in wristwatch). Only the Tesla Model W is “infinitely adjustable, able to tell the time no matter where you are on Earth. Japan, Timbuktu, California, anywhere!”

By the time most people finish reading that sentence, they can probably smell a hoax. But, no joke, Tesla’s stock actually moved that day. Many suspect that it was the programmatic trading algos that got fooled, not flesh-and-blood investors – or we hope.

Incidentally, Tesla did reveal its Model 3 sedan today, and no joke, it’s priced at an “entry-level” $35,000 for a base model. Deliveries won’t happen until late 2017 but pre-orders are reportedly numbering about 115,000. Expectations are high for the Model 3, as for a company that has yet to turn a profit, this is the vehicle that is widely expected to make or break the electric car maker.

“For Breath that Sizzles”

Looks like some ardent bacon lovers were either confused or disappointed about a Scope bacon-flavored mouthwash that turned out to be a prank. If you Google “Scope bacon mouthwash” you will see there are a few who seemed to like the idea of a smoky, porky gargle. What added to the confusion was that Procter and Gamble announced Scope Bacon before April 1. The company has since taken down the commercial but for a good laugh, you can still watch it on other YouTube channels.

Top it all off with “Flame Grilled” Scent

Keep holding your noses vegans, this next entry is no prank. We repeat: this is not a prank. Last year in March, Burger King Japan launched a unisex “flamed-grilled” fragrance to be sold on April 1. The cost? 5,000 yen (about $45). The cologne had sold out at about half of the chain’s 90 Japanese stores by evening, according to an AP report citing Burger King. In a country known for its quirky tastes, nothing should surprise (and we say that with affection, not snark).

You’ll never be far from the smell of beef patties when you wear this Flame-Grilled from Burger King scent
You’ll never be far from the smell of beef patties when you wear this Flame-Grilled from Burger King scent

Economics-themed park: Is that an oxymoron?

Now dial back seven years when the publisher of the Economist magazine said it was building a macroeconomics-themed amusement park. Among the thrills offered by Econoland:

  • Currency high-roller: Flutter with the euro like a butterfly then drop with the pound like a stone
  • Chamber of horrors: Shake at the wailing cries of distressed debt!
  • Fiscal fantasyland: Watch the economy shrivel before you
  • The Severe contest: Try your strength against a bear market!

What’s your all-time favorite prank?