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Add Funds When You Rebalance and Save Money on Commissions

24 April 2015 in Inside Motif

This article shows you how to add funds as part of your rebalance in a new economical way. This feature allows you to do 3 things:

1. Increase the amount invested in a motif as part of a rebalance.

2. Maintain the motif’s intended allocation.

3. Most importantly, you save money on commissions. Before, you needed to execute two separate transactions – adding funds and a rebalance, or vice versa – resulting in two separate transactions with two separate trading commissions.

The Add Funds in Rebalance feature merges these two transactions into one, saving you money. Follow the steps below to use the Add Funds in Rebalance feature.

1. You are Notified of a Rebalance Update You are Notified of a Rebalance Update When we rebalance a professional motif that you own, you are notified via email and on your dashboard when you log in to your account. From your account dashboard, click on the “Update Available” button next to the motif. The next screen will allow you to review the details about the rebalance and consider your next steps.

2. Preview Order Update Available Click the “Rebalance Positions” button or the “ADD CASH/CHANGE VALUE” link.

3. Add Additional Funds

Click the blue “Est. Change in Value” amount to add additional funds. This value represents the estimated change in value of the motif after the rebalance is complete.

4. Indicate Additional Funds You Want to Add

Type in the dollar amount you wish to add (Please note that this amount will be added to your current motif value. ) and click the Update button.

5. Place Order

On this screen confirm that the blue “Desired Change in Value” amount that you want to add to your current motif is correct. (The “Est. Change in Value” amount will have a slight difference in value compared to the “Desired Change in Value” due to market fluctuations). The commission amount is for one transaction. To execute the order, click on the Place Order button. Funds will be drawn from the available cash or buying power in your Motif account. Not only can you take advantage of this feature on rebalanced professional motifs, you can also add funds to any motifs you’ve created or customized.

We hope Motifers take advantage of this new feature! If you have any questions about this new feature, contact us at 1-855-586-6843, 9am – 6pm ET, Mon-Fri.

Rebalance notification is provided for informational purposes only and is not a solicitation or a recommendation that any particular investor should purchase or sell any particular security. Motif does not assess the suitability or the potential value of any particular investment. You are responsible for understanding the risks involved with investing in securities and for all investment decisions you make.

  1. Gaurav Gupta
    26 Oct at 10:13 am

    Can I use the same feature for my own built motifs?

  2. martin costello
    6 Jan at 1:36 pm

    I am paid once a month. I would like to start funding my account. How and where do I send funds?

    • Timothy Hemsworth
      7 Jan at 6:15 am

      Hi Martin, welcome! All the info for sending money is found by clicking “My Account” and “Transfer Money.” Or simply call us at 855-586-6843 and we’d be happy to review all your options.

  3. Matt Harper
    27 Mar at 5:07 pm

    Would love to see the ability to add funds and/or add a new stock to a motif, but not rebalance any other stocks so that taxable events are not triggered and allows for someone to hold onto a position without the current requirement to force some sort of sell. Ideally should be able to add that new stock and funds towards a target percent allocation and using the new funds to achieve the new allocation rather than selling currently held stocks.