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Combating Cybercrime

12 April 2019 in Trading Ideas

Key Takeaways

  • Cybercrime is estimated to cost the global economy about $600 billion annually, up from the 2014 estimate of $445 billion
  • For more than 40 percent of businesses, risk management and privacy concerns will fuel additional security service spending through 2020

Danger no longer lurks in dark, isolated alleys only— it has moved online with the masses. Cyber-threats’ rising pace and complexity are driving consumers to find antidotes against online fraud while businesses spend billions to keep their IT perimeters safe. Meanwhile, governments have declared cybersecurity a national security imperative as cyber-attacks have targeted electrical grids, transport networks, and voting systems.

As every sphere of society seeks to fend off online threats, demand for cybersecurity tools should multiply in lockstep. At Motif, you can invest in businesses providing products and services that safeguard our interests online.