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3 New Investing Ideas You May Not Want to Miss

2 August 2013 in Trading Ideas

Great ideas can make great investors. For many investors, however, finding ideas is no easy task. You could bet on a tip from some “expert” or spend hours by yourself trying to analyze stocks and ETFs.
But now there is a new way to find investing ideas, and potentially profit from them. Motif Investing is a new kind of online broker. We let you invest in motifs — portfolios of stocks based on insights and ideas.  When using our powerful platform it’s easy to stop picking stocks, and start picking ideas — making it easier than ever to invest like the pros do.

In our catalog, you can find over 100 professionally built portfolios, each containing up to 30 stocks. With a motif, you actually own the stocks in the portfolio — and you can customize any motif — by adding stocks, removing stocks, or changing the stock weights, or simply build your own motif from scratch. Then you buy the entire motif for a total commission of $9.95.

Try Motif Investing for FREE and get up to $150 cash bonus when you start trading. It’ll take just a minute to sign up!

Here are just a few motifs to explore:

Cleantech Everywhere
The world is gaga for all things green, and eager for new technologies to help us shrink our carbon footprint.  And that enthusiasm is driving big investments in clean technology.

Biotech Breakthroughs
The biotech industry is uncovering more treatments for serious diseases, and making Big Pharma look small by comparison. This motif contains biotech big shots that have posted at least two years of cash flow.

Rising Interest Rates
Financial companies with consumer cash could benefit from a rise in interest rates. This motif contains that companies that hold large customer cash balances as part of current assets.

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